Book Review Part 2: In the Flo

After finishing the first section of the book, here’s a summary of my thoughts. Although it has grown a bit tiresome listening to the lists of symptoms that so many deal with, as shown in various studies (not all of which are of the highest quality, I might add), I am still finding the information to be pretty interesting and relevant. And it’s an important point that research on women’s issues is lacking simply because most of the studies we have are largely based on men!

The nutrition info. gets a thumbs up from me since it mentions many of the foods my family eats on a regular basis anyway. The no-frills approach to menu planning is right up my alley so I’m excited to try a bit of rearranging since my husband currently does the majority of the shopping and cooking! But if I make requests, or pick up more of the cooking myself, he’s not going to care too much one way or the other since I won’t need to ask for anything too radical. (That was my main concern when I started reading, so I was excited to find it wasn’t the case!)

I’m working my way through the exercise info. now so I’m curious about how it will fit with my CrossFit workouts. I’m hoping it’s as simple as going 0-2 times in cycle phases when I need more rest and 4-5 times in phases when my performance will be optimized.

In my part 3 review once I’m finished, I’ll update you on the other major tenet of the book: how to sync your cycle with your work activities, creativity, brain power, etc.

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