Meet Iman Newsome, Doula

Q+A with Iman

What are you doing when not working as a doula?

Probably studying! I'm a lifelong learner. But I also make time for my spiritual life and other forms of self-care.

What do you love most about being a doula?

Everyone's journey is different and I feel so fortunate to have been called to this work; it's fascinating to learn about my clients by taking the time to get to know them and their unique needs.

What's your doula style?


3 Simple Steps to Book Your Doula

  • 1 Schedule a 30-minute doula consult with Iman by clicking the button above.
  • 2 It's a match! Check email. Sign and pay deposit.
  • 3 Set up your first appointment with Iman!

How does your birth doula pricing work?

All financial pathways to working with a Hello, Tapestry doula are valued and respected. You can use this chart to guide your decision-making process about paying for your doula. The information below is based on the value of birth doula support.

If you need postpartum doula support or another form of doula support, go to this page for more details.

Which of these scenarios fits your family best?

If you fall on the right-hand side, we recommend selecting labor support + childbirth education (4 week HelloBirth hypnobirthing series) = $1,900 to match the full value of the service you are receiving and to help others gain access the same care. If you fall in the middle, we recommend paying $1,500 to create sustainability for our doulas. If you fall on the left-hand side, we recommend paying $1,200 as a way of entering into a professional relationship with your doula and ensuring they are paid as close to their regular rate as possible.

Each of these payment levels is connected to a different package. The standard payment plan for all 3 of these options is one-half (50%) upon service booking and second-half (50%) due by your 36th week of pregnancy.

However, if none of the 3 options meets your needs, please fill out this form. We will be in touch shortly!

Best Fit:

  • I experience financial stress and strain
  • I have some debt that causes financial hardship
  • I have very little expendable income

Best Fit:
Embroidery Package

  • I have some financial stress and strain at times
  • I have some debt but it doesn't cause financial hardship
  • I have some extra income for unexpected needs or wants

Best Fit:

  • I comfortably meet all financial needs
  • I have no debt or none to speak of
  • I have access to savings to invest in the support I need.

Many thanks to Cheyenne Varner in Richmond, VA for her inspiration for this chart!

Helpful resources from your doula

Hello, Tapestry clients have access to a library of resources on topics from nutrition and physiology, to local provider information and guidance on self-advocacy.

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About Hello, Tapestry

  • When woven through some of life’s most profound experiences, doula support helps to strengthen weaknesses. We chose tapestry to represent this.
  • Doulas bring comfort. We chose fabric names and qualities to describe what we do.
  • Then we added hello because, well, we want to meet you and create community!


She gave me the confidence and knowledge to create my own beliefs about what my birth can be like instead of listening to others with negative experiences. I enjoyed that my husband was able to learn so much as well.


Birth client

Your time, commitment and caring make a big difference and you are doing a great service. Thank you so much for being a great instructor and doula. I really think without your help I would have had another C-section.


Birth client

More Testimonials

"A consummate professional, she took seriously her role in getting to know our/my hopes and desires for the birth process and thoughtfully honored our values and choices." –Anniki

"She was such a great advocate for us at the hospital, and she was such a calming and reassuring presence. It was so wonderful to have someone who fully understood my wishes, who shared my views on birth, who made me feel empowered, and who made my husband feel useful, knowledgeable, and reassured." –Emily

"I never thought I would feel so good and excited about giving birth!" –Shaunte

"I took away a lot of deep knowledge and understanding that I will carry on with me forever." –Annmarie

"I am so thankful for everything and honestly could not imagine what it would have been like without her support - it was beyond worth it!" –Olivia