Doulas have been shown to "enhance resilience" to health-related factors. The emotional and physical aspects of trying to conceive, termination and loss, pregnancy, birth and postpartum each deserve careful attention. Trying to keep its head above water, the medical system is often woefully inadequate to fulfill it all. BIPOC and LGBTQIA people are at higher risk due to implicit bias and systemic racism.

Hello, Tapestry was founded to provide compassionate care to all people throughout their reproductive life. Whatever your interest or need, we are looking forward to getting to know you! Fill out the form and we'll be in touch shortly.

In community, let's start the conversation again, about the relationship we have to our bodies starting at the very beginning of life. Through puberty and into adulthood, a lack of awareness and the "shame factor" around sexual and reproductive health contributes in part to society's larger failures. But it doesn't have to be this way any longer. Together, we are stronger and we can make change. This is the motivation that drives us and the passion that fuels our work.

What's with the name?

  • When woven through some of life's most profound experiences, doula support helps to strengthen weakness. We chose tapestry to represent this.
  • Doulas bring comfort. We chose fabric names and qualities to describe what we do.
  • Then we added hello because, well, we want to meet you and create community!

Our Team


Iman Newsome


Currently on maternity leave Iman is a certified childbirth educator and full-spectrum doula. She supports both clients and the team.

Jenny Bennett


Jenny's focus is primarily education and doula mentorship. She teaches and supports the team as a back-up doula.

Mia Sitterson


Mia provides full-spectrum services in the DC area.


Tamara Marzouk


Bio coming soon! Tamara provides full-spectrum services in the DC area.

Sarah Pedersen

Sarah Pedersen


Currently on maternity leave Sarah provides full-spectrum services in the DC area.

Heather Whitten


Heather provides abortion care support in the DC area. Learn more @theabortionproject