Complimentary & Low-Cost

Package O — organza

qualities of organza and doulas:
transparent, balanced, sustainable (if made the right way!)

This package encompasses our complementary and low-cost services which are subject to availability:

  • Support through fertility/infertility
  • Bereavement services (miscarriage, loss)
  • Abortion support
  • Birth control or cycle awareness counseling (phone appointments only)
  • Birth doula support
  • Postpartum doula support

*Payment plans and complementary services are both available.

Pros of receiving complementary services:

  • Expands access to those who need more support, not less
  • Doulas are compensated from the general fund as close to their normal rate as possible

Pros of setting up a payment plan:

  • Ensures quick access to a dedicated doula of your choice
  • Allows clients the satisfaction of compensating their doula directly