A birth doula encourages you and supports your choices. We advocate for your wishes.

That’s like a midwife, right?

  • Birth doulas do not provide any clinical care. We are knowledgeable about the birthing facilities, midwives and doctors in the DC area, so that we can listen to your concerns and wishes and help guide you to the places and people who are most supportive of the type of birth you desire.
  • Since doulas do not have any clinical tasks to carry out, we are able to focus entirely on the emotional experience of birth and support your need for comfort and constant, gentle encouragement.
  • Having a birth doula by your side is a little like having a translator in a foreign country! We know the lingo and so it’s easy for us to hear and narrate what’s happening in the moment.

I’ll have my mom/sister/cousin with me.

  • Doulas work alongside any family members or friends whom you’d like to invite to your birth. The reason our care is different, is that we do not have any of the same anxieties that family members have about seeing their loved one give birth.
  • Doulas have the capacity to stay with you continuously whereas others may need to step in and out of the room, depending on circumstances.
  • Doulas have a deep understanding of the process of birth in a way that is difficult for those who do not see it frequently.

I’ll get a doula next time.

  • You will only give birth to this baby once!
  • Doulas support all births: planned or unexpected Cesareans, births with or without medication, births with family members present, single parents, and really any circumstances you may be facing.

It’s expensive.

  • Doulas work long, grueling hours and although our support is not complicated, it is much more valuable than any of its individual elements alone.
  • The value of having an empathetic witness to an experience as transformative as birth is hard to overstate. It means having a trained, professional eye in the room, one whose only job is to be your advocate, which is something even partners may be unable to provide continuously. In fact, we believe it could be unfair to expect them to.
  • The absence of any clinical tasks within our role means we are totally free to focus on your emotional needs and experience.
  • Hello, Tapestry’s goal is to maintain a self-sustaining model, increasing accessibility to doula support for anyone who wants it.

I feel that my partner and I will want privacy.

  • Of course! We respect that. Our goal is to facilitate an environment conducive to partners remaining close and in tune with one another. Doulas are experts at creating space for couples to work together towards a positive experience at the birth of their baby.
  • Sometimes we may step out of the room to give you time alone. You generally won’t need to ask us to do this because we’ll know when it’s needed.
  • We are also experts at providing comforting touch and guide partners with ways to support birth physically and emotionally.
  • Sometimes we simply support the ways in which a partner’s support comes naturally and will give encouragement, as well as breaks if labor goes long.