How does your pricing work?

All financial pathways to working with a Hello, Tapestry doulas are valued and respected. You can use this chart to guide your decision-making process about paying for your doula. The information below is based on the value of birth doula support.

If you need postpartum doula support, go to this page for more details.

Which of these scenarios fits your family best?

For birth doula support only: If you fall on the left-hand side, we recommend paying $1,800 to match the full value of the service you are receiving and to help others gain access to the same care. If you fall in the middle, we recommend paying $1,500 to create sustainability for our doulas. If you fall on the right-hand side, we recommend paying $1,200 as a way of entering into a professional relationship with your doula and ensuring they are paid as close to their regular rate as possible.

If in need of childbirth education, please indicate this on the custom plan application. We offer a limited number of pro bono slots in our hypnobirthing classes.

Standard payment schedule: 50% upon service booking and 50% due by 36th week of pregnancy

Each of these payment levels is connected to a different package. ALL clients receive continuous labor support, as is customary.

Best Fit:

  • I comfortably meet all financial needs
  • I have no debt or really none to speak of
  • I have access to savings to invest in the support I need

Best Fit:

  • I have some financial stress and strain at times
  • I have some debt but it doesn't cause financial hardship
  • I have some extra income for things I want or need

Best Fit:

  • I experience financial stress and strain
  • I have some debt that causes financial hardship
  • I have very little expendable income

Many thanks to Cheyenne Varner in Richmond, VA for her inspiration for this chart!