Doulas are known for their hands-on support, however doulas are perhaps even more essential during times of stress such as the covid-19 pandemic. Do not deny yourself the support because of hospital restrictions! You deserve compassionate, dedicated coaching from a doula, even if it is through virtual doula services. Virtual doula services include:

  • Personalized prenatal meetings to help you prepare for your upcoming birth, lessen anxiety and get your questions answered
  • Help creating birthing preferences to share with your care team
  • Phone and text support throughout your last days (and hours) of pregnancy to help you recognize your birthing signs and offer strategies for comfort and progress
  • Continuous support once you are in your hospital or birthing center via video chat, speaker phone, etc.
  • Support during your postpartum time as you adjust and get to know your newborn

Book a virtual doula planning session with one of our doulas

  • Strategies for getting what you want out of your birth experience
  • Self-advocacy
  • Understanding the birthing process
  • Birthing location-specific information
  • $45 per hour // option to donate a session to a person in need

Book a virtual postpartum session with one of our doulas

  • How's feeding going?
  • Strategies for getting more rest
  • Activating partner and family support, remotely or in person
  • Resource sharing: healing, recipes, newborn soothing
  • $45 per hour // option to donate a session to a person in need

Book a virtual birth doula

    • On call support and options for potential in-person support are included
    • All of the above (prenatal + postpartum) sessions included --plus--
    • 24/7 in labor virtual support
    • In labor in-person support (if applicable)

Book a virtual postpartum doula

    • A la carte virtual session included --plus--
    • Options for potential in-person support

Book a virtual doula to support you before, during and after

    • Fertility treatment
    • Miscarriage and loss
    • Abortion
    • Birth control access and decisions

Our virtual doulas may provide in-person support if:

  • Both client and doula determine together this option is safe. Options for determining safety include:
    • Negative test results
    • Quarantine / social distancing
    • Wearing a mask
  • The client's birthing facility states in writing that a doula is:
    • Part of the healthcare team
    • NOT a visitor
    • Not replacing the partner