Postpartum doulas understand the sensitivity of this time period and tailor our care to each client.

Postpartum doula tasks include:

  • Soothing your baby while you rest
  • Although we are glad to help with basic newborn care, many new parents prefer to care for their babies themselves. Our doulas will bring baby to you for feedings and diaper changes as requested.
  • Help with baby’s first bath
  • Practice with babywearing / gear
  • Basic breastfeeding troubleshooting; referral to advanced support if needed
  • Simple meal prep / prep ahead for the next snack or meal
  • Light housekeeping: kitchen duty, laundry, trash out etc.
  • Help with pumping, bottles, formula, return-to-work plans etc.
  • Companionship for the adjustment period!
  • Quick referrals to any advanced clinical support as needed